Winter Triathlon Challenge

The Winter Challenge for 2013 - 2014 is on!  We will roughly parallel the format used in the USAT National Challenge:


December: swim-focused month

January: bike-focused month

February: run-focused month


We will have a winner of each discipline at the end of the appropriate month and we will also track all disciplines for the entire 3 month period, giving us winners in each discipline (swim/bike/run) at the end of February for the total 3 months of the competition.


Last… we will calculate an overall FAST club winner based upon the USAT method of calculating total mileage.  In order to equalize each discipline we use cycling as the benchmark and multiply miles as follows:

·        1 Swim Mile = 10 Bike miles

·        1 Bike Mile = 1 Bike mile

·        1 Run Mile = 3 Bike miles

The daily mileage for each competitor will be tracked on a Google Drive spreadsheet and each competitor is responsible for entering their own mileage here.  


You must be a current member of FAST to participate.  Sign up for the 2014 annual membership will open sometime in December.

We will begin logging yards and miles on December 1.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 December 2013 17:50