State Meet Wrap-up

FAST captured the Women's Large Team Masters Swimming State Championship April 16-18 at the Haslett HS Natatorium. Twenty-nine FAST women scored a combined 1,169 points, finishing just ahead of the Lansing/Grand Rapids squad. This was the 3rd womens victory in three years.

FASTs 36 men finished 3rd, behind the first place Lansing/Grand Rapids team and the Battle Creek YMCA. Battle Creek had 30 men, and seven were over 80 years old (and they have 95-yr-old Donald Pope).

FAST swimmers collected SEVEN High Point Award plaques. Award winners by age group included: Wendy Sanders & Jenny Birmelin (tying with 61 points in 30-34 age group), Kirsten Trub-Sheikh (61 pts, 35-39 age group), Mary Dehn (60 points, 60-64 age group), Matt Perry (55 points, 18-24 age group), Jim Pogue (63 points, 45-49 age group), and in another tie, Erik Lokensgard (61 points, tied Lansing's Joe Buys in the 65-69 age group)

The FAST "Unleash the Beast" squad featured several athletes who were participating in their first swim meet ever. Many went home with their first ribbons and medals--but all left with bragging rights and recruitment jobs for next year!

The Doughboy team won the Small Team men and combined titles. Milford Athletic Club swam away with the Small Team women's title.

Awesome weekend, swimmers! Results will be posted online at hopefully later this week.

See you at Schoolcraft/Charley's and in the open water!

VP Swimming, FAST

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 10:45