Run with FAST

You will often see FAST members running on Hines drive, almost every day of the week. While we only have a few set running workouts set up by FAST for the whole club, people are running throughout the week, so running partners are easy to find.  Most running workouts run between April/May and go to the end of September, depending on the weather.

Tuesday Evening Brick Ride and Run at Newburg Lake (map)

This workout includes a 20-25 mile ride out and back on Hines Drive, followed by a 5 or 10k run around Newberg Lake. The ride leaves promptly at 5:45pm and is canceled for rain.

Thursday Evening Brick at Island Lake State Park (map)

This workout includes an out and back swim in Trout Lake followed by a 12.5 mile bike ride through Island Lake. Some do not swim and instead do a reverse brick of Run 5K /Bike. We meet in the Kent Lake Parking Lot and walk to Trout Lake. Typical swims start at 5:30pm, biking at 6:30pm although times may vary depending on weather and group requests.

Saturday Morning Brick at Island Lake State Park (map)

This workout includes a swim in Trout Lake, followed by a bike ride in and around the Island Lake State Park / Kensington Metropark area. People ride between 10 and 50 miles, depending on their training schedules.  Additionally, some people run instead of bike on the trails at Island Lake, or around Kensington.  The connector path between Island Lake and Kensington has been reopened.

Weekend Long Runs

FASTers are out and about early weekend mornings getting in their miles.  You can meet up with runners at any number of places.  We use the FAST YAHOO! Group to email out if we plan on running someplace in particular and want others to join.  Feel free to post if you do a regular run that you would like company on.   There are always people wanting a running partner, but many are just too shy to ask. 

All speeds welcomed!

FAST members - if you are doing a regular weekly running workouts you would like to invite others to, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the details so we can post it to the site.

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