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West Bloomfield Meet 2012



2010 State Meet Results

FAST captured the Women's Large Team Masters Swimming State Championship April 16-18 at the Haslett HS Natatorium. Twenty-nine FAST women scored a combined 1,169 points, finishing just ahead of the Lansing/Grand Rapids squad. This was the 3rd womens victory in three years.

FASTs 36 men finished 3rd, behind the first place Lansing/Grand Rapids team and the Battle Creek YMCA. Battle Creek had 30 men, and seven were over 80 years old (and they have 95-yr-old Donald Pope).

One Hour Postal Swim Results - January 1st-31st, 2010

The purpose of the one hour postal is to swim as far as possible in one hour in any pool you choose that is 25 yards or longer. Event results are sent in electronically or by mail so you can compare yourself to other swimmers doing the same event.

2010 FAST member who competed in this event include:

Women: Tracy Durham (4040y), Lana Krolikowski (2995y), Jenny Birmelin (4500y), Karen Rosinski (4055y), Maddie Diedo (4015y)
Men: Noah Birmelin (4685y), Jerry Sweetland (3985y), Joe Gohl (3450y), Walt Pheeney (3435y)

FAST members were also a part of 6 different relays.

Results for 2010 are available on the USMS website (at the bottom of the page)

West Michigan Masters Meet - Grand Haven - February 21st, 2010 

Grand Haven Pool Noah Birmelin swimming the butterfly at the Grand Haven swim meet

Swimmers Sail through Grand Haven
Grand Haven Swim Meet, February 21-- Four swimmers represented FAST at the Grand Haven meet Sunday, posting several personal best times. Lana Krolikowski, 29, PRd the 50, 100 and 200 backstroke, plus the 100 breaststroke. Finishing in 18:04, Krolikowski completed her first ever 1000 yard freestyle. Westsider Nancy Hnat, 55, began her meet with a strong showing and consistent splits in the 1000 free. FAST banquet guest speaker, Jef Mallett, posted a 15:58.77 and negative split his 1000 freestyle. Swimming the 1650 in a heat full of males in supersuits, JD, 32, dropped nearly a minute from her November West Bloomfield time.
The three distance divas combined with Noah Birmelin, 35, to swim a mixed medley relay. Noah, 2:05 in his 200 free, faced fierce friends in his butterfly events, going 1:03 in his 100 fly. The STRAY Cats (Lansing/Grand Rapids) brought the largest group, which aided Grand Haven's new attendance record.


FAST 23rd Annual Super Swim Meet - February 7th, 2010 

Wendy Sanders and Erik Lokensgard 2009 Swimmers of the Year

Results Available

A record 135 swimmers competed in FASTs 23rd Annual “Super” Swim Meet, held February 7, 2010 at Brighton HS. The meet was contested in short course meters.
     FASTs own Wendy Sanders, set state records in the 30-34 age group, 100 and 200m butterfly events. Sanders’ 1:11.72 in the 100m fly broke the 1996 record of 1:14.76. Her 2:41.75 200m fly, broke the 2004 record of 2:57.98. Her 31.11 in the 50m fly was close to the 31.02 record from 1996.
      The 200 medley relay of Sanders, 34, Dawn Polk, 33, Jenna Perry, 25, and Crista Kunkel, 30, set a state record of 2:25.48, breaking a 14 yr old record by three one hundredths.
     The story of the meet were the world and state record breaking performances by Michigan Masters’ senior leadership of Donald Pope, 96, Edith Glusac, 92, Bob Doud, 87, and Lois Nochman, 86.
    Their mixed 200 medley and freestyle relay teams set state and possibly world records in the 360-399 age group, with their combined ages of 361.
     Ninety-six year old Pope set SCM records in his 50 backstroke (2:34.34), 100 backstroke (5:16.93), 50 freestyle (2:24.91), and 100 free (5:38.08). Doud, 87, set SCM records in the 100 and 200m freestyle events.  Nochman set two records in the 85-89, 50 (57.77) and 100m freestyle events (2:15.29).
     FAST volunteer Julie Pierce, was a timer for the record setting relays and a few of Pope’s swims. “After timing for Donald Pope two times, he told me he loves me,” she said.
     Sally Guthrie posted a 42.38 in the 60-64 50m fly, setting a state record. Jim Pogue’s 28.53 set a state record in the 50m fly, and 100m fly (1:06.90) 50-54 age group. Corrin Popps of Battle Creek set records of 29.76 and 1:05.19 in the 50 and 100m freestyle events.
     Thirty-six FAST members swam in the meet and over 40 FAST members volunteered as timers, lap counters, runners, registration and hospitality. The meet featured 87 heats, 479 entries, two Canadian athletes, 121 Michigan Masters, two Ohio Masters, three Sylvania Masters, and seven unattached swimmers.
     Swimmers Erik Lokensgard and Wendy Sanders accepted their 2009 FAST Swimmers of the Year honors, previously announced at the Awards Banquet, January 30.

West Bloomfield Meet - November 15, 2009 

FAST Swimmers at the West Bloomfield Meet 11/15/09


It was the first meet in two years for Tehaun Harvey, Francine's son. Tehaun and Noah battled it out in the 50 fly and 50 free. Francine had a nice showing in the 50 and 100 free. Julie Mohan did well in the breaststroke events and showing improvement in her freestyle technique. In the 1,650 freestyle, JD was lapped over 10 times by a Beijing Olympian from Portugal. Dick Specht swam a tough schedule, including the mile and 500 freestyles. Results will be posted shortly on the Michigan Masters Site


State Meet - March 27th - 29th 2009

Scoring 2,640 points for the combined team score, Ford Athletic Swim & Triathlon Club, captured their 2nd title in two years as State Swim Champions on March 28 at Lake Orion High School. The Stray Cats (Lansing/Grand Rapids) finished second with 1,626 points and Doughboy Aquatics from Bloomfield Hills swam to third with 1,581 points.

FAST State Championship Photo 2009

Seventy-four FAST members dominated the meet due to its individual depth and massive amount of relays (56). Ninety-five percent of FAST swimmers (70 people) scored points during the meet. In the women's division, FAST, scored 1,510 points, capturing the Large Team Women's State Championship. The second place team, Doughboys, scored 692 points and third was the Stray Cats with 632. On the men's side, FAST could have used just one more male and 14 more points. The FAST men, finished second with 896 points, to the Stray Cats, who scored 909. Battle Creek YMCA took third with 854.

Individual High Point honors were awarded to Jenny Orellana (18-24), Lindsey Vermillion (25-29), Wendy Sanders (30-34), Noah Birmelin (30-34), Renee Peterson (35-39), Jim Pogue (45-49), Mary Dehn (60-64), and Erik Lokensgard (65-69).

Setting four state records, Wendy Sanders, 32, who trains at the Farmington Y, swam 27.59 in the 50 yard butterfly (the record was from 1995). Sanders also set a state record in the 200 yard fly, 2:20.92 and 100 fly, 1:01.51 (1990 record), and 100 IM, 1:04.63. Jim Pogue, 48, South Lyon HS swim coach, swam to a state record in the 45-49 50 yard butterfly. Pogue also set a meet record in the 50 back, 27.45 and 100 fly, 55.36. Tim Clayson, 55, who also trains at the Farmington Y, set a state record in the 50 yard fly. His time of 27.14 beat a 1991 record (27.44) by Wally Dobler. Clayson also set state records in the 50 back, 29.28, 100 back, 1:04.64, and 100 IM, 1:03.66

The 55+ Mixed 200 Yard Free Relay of Tim Clayson, Edward Stickel, Mary Dehn and Cecilia Brzys set a meet record of 2:14.00

Point scorers include: Jenny Orellana (63), Mike Grice (29), Chris Follick (16), Lindsey Vermillion (59), Crista Kunkel (40), Lana Krolikowski (34), Carla Howe (14), James Peace (33), Ben Sinsheimer (29), Brian Clayson (25), Nick Sosnowski (22), Wendy Sanders (59), Jenny Birmelin (52), Dawn Polk (52), Melissa Kelber (41), Mandi Terzes (33), Cheryl Machovec (27), Noah Birmelin (58), Tony Grice (50), Brice Chase (15), Doug Gatto (2), Renee Peterson (56), Leslie Jakobs (41), Maria MacGreggor (39), Janette Heaton (37), Katy Michalski (17), Aaron Frame (43), David Dehn (28), Kerry Frame 47), Yoshiko Tischler (25), Julie Pierce (25), Cherie Adkins (16), Irene Pawley-Kennedy (15), Kirsten Heffernan (10), Drew Berger (30), John Fallu (18), Jaret Johnson (13), Jerry Sweetland (12), Vince Hanchon (1), Suzanne Grebe (36), Karen Rosinski (35), Julie Mohan (23), Mary Keener (22), Csilla Gutay (15), Susan Gutowski (13), Cheryl Rivard (13), Lori Friesner (12), Anne Mattack (9), Francine Burgess (9), Jim Pogue (59), Brian Grant (1), Maddie Diedo (59), Nancy Hnat (45), Jane Sanders (33), Dave Zaitchik (19), Pete Simon (16), Ken Gutowski (12), David Grant (3), Gloria Raupp (20), Tim Clayson (50), Dick Specht (34), Edward Stickel (22), Brian Foust (10), Rob Rudnick (5), Mary Dehn (63), Kitty Vanden Brulle (53), Cecilia Brzys (50), Richard Szuba (25), Erik Lokensgard (63), and James Willey (27).

Teammates who stayed for the trophy presentation on Sunday afternoon celebrated with a deck dance party.

Congratulations to all state meet swimmers. You made me proud!

Jenny Birmelin, VP Swimming

Swim 2 the Moon

Eighteen FAST members participated in "Swam 2 the Moon," a 5k open water swim, through the Hiland Chain of Lakes near Hell, Michigan on August 22. Swimmers finished at the State beach on the east shore of Halfmoon Lake. Results can be found at www.epicraces.com.
Age group results: Jenny Kyriakopoulos (2nd), Shanna Gustafson (4th), Jenny Birmelin (3rd), Dawn Polk (5th), Carla Heikkinen (7th), Lana Krolikowski (11th), Adrienne O'Day (5th), Yoshiko Tischler (7th), Karen Rosinski (3rd), Mia Byrne (9th), Carol Feldman (5th), Cary Severt (2nd), Jerry Sweetland (8th), Keith Erickson (3rd), Shane Breeze (11th), Mike Muma (4th), James willey (4th), and Gary Godula (5th wetsuit males).

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