MERCRS Update 8/1/11

 MERCRS (Mideast Region Club Race Series) Update – Week of Aug 1, 2011


Coming up the weekend of Aug 6-7 – Let’s get some more FAST members to the Lansing Legislator & more women to the Trek Womens’ Series!  See below for details.


***Results from last week:

Island Lake of Novi – – Sun., July 31st (results at

1.                  Susan Gutowski 3rd of 13

2.                  Ken Gutowski 4th Overall Male!

3.                  Kim Rattet 5th of 15

4.                  Anne Marie Phillips 1st Overall Female!

5.                  John Crum 18th of 25

6.                  Keith Erickson 1st of 12

7.                  Olivier Lecerf 3rd of 13

8.                  Katy Michalski 14th of 15

9.                  Dan Michalski 29th of 29

10.              Cecilia Brzys 1st of 2

11.              Dawn Rej 2nd of 2

12.              Tracy Durham 3rd of 9 (1st triathlon!)

13.              Shanna Gustafson 1st of 11

14.              Gary Feiten 16th of 29 (1st triathlon!)

15.              Chris Luke 8th of 25

16.              Kevin McGuirk 8th of 29

17.              Caroline Mowers 4th of 9

18.              Therese Novell 1st of 15

19.              Jackie Roehl 13th of 13

They earned FAST 68.2 points!  (Barring any corrections!)


If I missed your results/anything please e-mail me asap at  If you were in a relay, please send me your relay name.


The following are more results from your fellow FAST members, unfortunately we did not get our 5 people there in order to score the races for MERCRS:

Escape to Blue Ridge Sprint Tri (Georgia) Sunday, July 24

1.                  Amy Gluck 3rd overall female!


Craig Greenfield Memorial (Clarkston, MI) – – Sun., July 31st

1.                  Sarah Townsend 2nd of 8

2.                  Ved Kapic 2nd of 9

3.                  Jane Sanders 4th Overall Female


***FAST is still in 2nd place in Division I of MERCRS (thru the weekend of 7/20/11= thru Pterodactyl).  Circle City Multisport is still in 1st and Team Toledo moved up to 3rd.  For standings go to:


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