MERCRS Update 7/18/11

MERCRS (Mideast Region Club Race Series) Update – Week of July 18, 2011


Amazing how many FAST members will be at the Pterodactyl Tri this Wednesday!  Remember to wear your FAST uniforms & get plenty of sports drink!


***Results from last week:

Clark Lake Tri – – Sun., July 17th

1.                  Ken Gutowski 1st of 21

2.                  Susan Gutowski 5th of 9

3.                  Ann Marie Phillips 1st Overall Female!

4.                  Jon Vibbart 3rd of 9

5.                  Yoshiko Tischler 4th of 15

6.                  Cecilia Brzys 1st of 4

7.                  Robin Spaulding 1st of 3 Du

8.                  Dave Grant 9th of 21

9.                  Peter Bowen 9th of 14

10.              Gary Godula 2nd of 20

They earned us 52.3 points!


If I missed your results/anything please e-mail me asap at  If you were in a relay, please send me your relay name.


***FAST is still in 2nd place in Division I of MERCRS (thru the weekend of 7/10/11= thru Ann Arbor/Inter-Rockin).  Circle City Multisport is still in 1st and the Louisville Landsharks are still in 3rd.  For standings go to:


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