Jon Logan vs Leukemia

UPDATE! 1/25/12

Big day for Jon :


-Anti rejection / immunosuppressant medication is being reduced.


-No more IVs at least for the next 10 days.  Docs are trialing if magnesium levels can be maintained by oral meds only.  [Home Infusion has already picked up the pump and pole….see ya]. 

 One week after it is determined that oral medications are suitable, the trifusion catheter will be removed from his chest.


-Jon can start driving; although he can’t go anywhere just yet but to the hospital for his follow up appts


-Jon’s hair is growing back.  He’s working on his first mustache/goatee.


He’s had severe heartburn that is being managed with two medications.  This too should subside as he is weaned from the anti rejection med.  Since the heartburn has become manageable, he has become more active walking daily on the treadmill. 


Jon is 65 days post transplant.  His next biopsy will be 100 days (Feb29).


Late in August, former officer and multi-time Ironman Jon Logan was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  In an effort to support the Logan's efforts to find a matching bone marrow donor, they are doing a fundraiser online, with a bone marrow drive (details coming soon).  FAST will be matching the first $500.00 donated by FAST member, so please give if you can and help those fighting cancer.  

Information can be found here:

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