Jenny Birmelin, English Channel Hopeful, to swim Sunday?


Above is the link to track my English Channel swim tomorrow, Saturday, August 20, 2011. When you wake up tomorrow, see where I am. If you are awake late tonight, see where I am. We are FIVE hours AHEAD of Detroit.  I'll update more later after I talk to my pilot at 7pm. 90% chance of swimming tomorrow. Thank you for all of your signs, posts, emails, encouragment and warm thoughts. It's 62-63 deg in the water. I did a two hour swim this morning, not knowing I may be swimming tomorrow. More experience! 

Please pass along my website to anyone interested. We've been updating the blog every evening and posting photos. We picked up some fresh salmon and a fish native to Scotland for dinner. Darrin the fishman, showed us dogfish, but since we saw that dead one on the Dover beach, no way (see blog). The crew is mixing Maxim and apple juice and shopping for last minute items.

More tomorrow. Thank you for all of your help,

Track her here:

Jenny Birmelin 


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