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2012 Annual Member Meeting - December 3rd, 9am, Schoolcraft College

The Annual Membership/Elections meeting is coming up FAST.  There are lots of important items on the agenda and I hope that many of you can attend.
The meeting will be held after Saturday swim practice on December 3rd at Room 100 of the PE Building at Schoolcraft College .  There will be a raffle at the end of the meeting for 2 - $50 gift cards.  All 2011 club members in attendance are eligible to enter the raffle.  Must be present to attend.
Available for pick-up:
  • 2011 Red FAST T-shirts (if you haven't already got yours),
  • 2012 Entertainment books ($25).
Collecting: Donations for the Urban Swim Initiative (See below for details.)
Agenda Items:
- 2012 Dues.
  • We have a proposal to raise the dues for each single membership and family membership by $10 and $20 respectively.  This dues increase would cover additional programming and club items for club members. (Example: T-shirts, hat, or water bottle type items, clinics (swim or tri), post brick picnics, fall club activity). 
  •  After benchmarking other clubs in the area, we have found FAST's dues are substantially cheaper and we try to provide more value to our members.
  •  Please attend the meeting to offer your input on the dues increase and how you would like to see the club spend its (your) money. 
- 2012 Budget.
  • Review, modify, and approve 2012 operating budget.
- 2012 Elections.  (Send nominations to
  •  President _________ (open)
  • VP Swimming, JD Birmelin, incumbent.
  • VP Tri. ___________ (open)
  • VP Cycling, Carol Feldmann, incumbent
  • VP Marketing, ______ (open)
  • Treasurer, Ken Gutowski, incumbent.
  • Secretary, Crista Kunkel, incumbent.
  • Webmaster, Lana Krolikowski, incumbent.
  • Librarian, Karen Rosinski, incumbent.
  • Newsletter, ________ (open)
We are accepting nominations for ALL positions.  If you are interesting in more information on any of the positions please email me or a current officer for more information.
2012 Club Party.
  •  Please email Cheryl ( and Melissa Kelber ( if you would like to help organize the club party
  • Tentative Date: Saturday, January 24th.
  • Need planners, donations for door prizes, volunteers for day of
Swimming Items:
  • Schoolcraft Swims in December:  December 3 and December 10 (holiday relays) 
  • Schoolcraft Swimming resumes in 2012 on Saturday, January 14
  • Annual Fun New Years Day Swim (8 am at Livonia Y), 112 x 50s on various intervals to ring in 2012.
Urban Swim Initiative – Still taking Donations…Please bring to the FAST Membership Meeting
  • Thank you FAST members & friends for the donations to date for the Detroit Urban Swim Initiative (USI). So far, we have collected 105 caps, 33 swimsuits, 69 pairs of goggles, 7 kick boards, 4 pairs of flip flops, 7 pull buoys, 5 water noodles, 11 swim bags, 6 towels, 5 pairs of fins, plus diver towels, paddles, and beach balls.
  • Please consider sponsoring a swimmer and giving the gift of swim lessons for $65. Contact Nikole Saffle at the Boll Family YMCA (313) 309-9622.
  • JD is still collecting donations of swim items.  They are especially in need of swim suits for girls/boys. 
Thank you! Jenny Birmelin
Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 13:33


On this day, 20 August, 2011, I (Jenny Birmelin) swam the English Channel (England to France) in 11:31.07. Swam to shore around 3:36 pm (England time). My swim was 24 nautical miles. Thank you to my fabulous crew (Noah, Lynn, Cheryl, Karen, and Captain Andy and co-captain Andy). We had take-away pizza and ice cream.  Bed time! Celebration dinner tomorrow. Today, I met Channel swimmers and hopefulls and signed the wall at the White Horse Pub in Dover, to make it official. Check out her blog and report at

Jenny and Noah Birmelin on the beaches of France 



Last Updated on Sunday, 04 September 2011 08:52

MERCRS Update 8/28/11


MERCRS (Mideast Region Club Race Series) Update – Week of Aug 29, 2011


We need 2 more people to do 3D’s Barefoot Tri in Traverse City this coming Sunday, Sept 4th.



TRI formerly Autumn Colors – – Sun., Aug 28th

1.                  Sarah Townsend 3rd overall female!

2.                  Ved Kapic 2nd of 5

3.                  Anne Torrez 4th of 4

4.                  Gary Feiten 11th of 16

5.                  Jon Vibbart 1st of 4

6.                  Marty Moran 3rd of 3

7.                  Chris Luke 11th of 11

They earned us 33.3 points!


Ironman Louisville – – Sun., Aug 28th

1.      Richard Abbott  - 11:07 finish – 32nd of 256

2.      James Allen – 16:48 finish – 349th of 350

3.      Tyron Patton – 12:34 finish – 87th of 256

4.      Jimi Young – 10:25 finish – 25th of 350

5.      Dicron Mahakian – 16:23 finish – 47th of 47

Chad Mahakian – 10:07 finish – 8th of 206 – Chad is on a different club’s MERCRS roster, but he is a FAST member.

Ed Blue – made it through the swim in 1:42, but it was not his day to finish.  There were many people who DNF’ed.

Unfortunately, we did not have 6 finishers on our MERCRS roster.  So, we can not score IM Louisville.


***CHICAGO*** Double Points Race – – Sun., Aug 28th

1.         Karen Kreusel (S) 41st of 162


Corrections from previously reported results:

Island Lake Triathlon – – Sun., Aug 21st

1.                  Erika Thompson (O) 1st of 5 (Erika was one second off of 1st Place Masters!  Her workout partners wanted you to know;-)

2.                  Lisa Pollack (O) 2nd of 5

3.                  Ann Kowalczyk (O) 4th of 5

4.                  Kevin McGuirk (S) 2nd of 25

5.                  Liz Rohan (S) 10th of 22

6.                  Cary Severt (S) 15th of 25

7.                  Brenda Bradley (S) 18th of 20 First Tri!  Congrats!  Somehow I goofed & Brenda was not on our MERCRS roster.  I will add her for September.

They earned FAST 24.4 points.


If I missed your results/anything please e-mail me asap at scorekeeper@swimfasttrifast.comPlease only “reply” to me not all.  If you were in a relay, please send me your relay name.


***FAST fell to 3rd in Division I of MERCRS (thru the weekend of 8/21/11).  Team Toledo jumped to first with 1,851.80 points.  Having Sylvania, their home Tri, being a double points race must have really helped. Circle City Multisport stayed in 2nd.  We currently have 1,261.20 points & Circle City has 1,330.90.  For standings go to:


Last Updated on Sunday, 04 September 2011 08:34

Jenny Birmelin, English Channel Hopeful, to swim Sunday?


Above is the link to track my English Channel swim tomorrow, Saturday, August 20, 2011. When you wake up tomorrow, see where I am. If you are awake late tonight, see where I am. We are FIVE hours AHEAD of Detroit.  I'll update more later after I talk to my pilot at 7pm. 90% chance of swimming tomorrow. Thank you for all of your signs, posts, emails, encouragment and warm thoughts. It's 62-63 deg in the water. I did a two hour swim this morning, not knowing I may be swimming tomorrow. More experience! 

Please pass along my website to anyone interested. We've been updating the blog every evening and posting photos. We picked up some fresh salmon and a fish native to Scotland for dinner. Darrin the fishman, showed us dogfish, but since we saw that dead one on the Dover beach, no way (see blog). The crew is mixing Maxim and apple juice and shopping for last minute items.

More tomorrow. Thank you for all of your help,

Track her here:

Jenny Birmelin 


Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 10:37

MERCRS Update 8/8/11

MERCRS (Mideast Region Club Race Series) Update – Week of Aug 8, 2011


News:  Well we added so many new FAST members on our Aug 1st MERCRS roster that now we need to get 6 FAST members to any USAT sanctioned event to qualify for MERCRS points!  A little tougher, but we can do it!


***Results from last week:

Looks like we did not get 6 FAST members to any one USAT sanctioned race last weekend, but I know we will be making up for that the weekend of Aug 13-14!  Let’s get more to Sylvania – Double Points Race!


XTERRA Sugar Bottom (Solon, Iowa) – Sun., July 31

1.                  Jaret Johnson 2nd of 9 in AG, 8 of 57 overall


Lansing Legislator – – Sun., Aug 7th

1.                  Olivier Lecerf  (O) 3rd of 8

2.                  Bob Ammon (O) 4th of 7


Trek Howell Womens’ Triathlon – – Sun., Aug 7th

1.                  Kelley Mullins 2nd of 25

2.                  Karen Rosinski 1st of 25

3.                  Adriennne O’Day 7th of 25


Ironman Regensburg, Germany – – Sun., Aug 7th

1.                  Sandy Logan finish time: 12:55

2.                  Jon Logan finish time: 13:55

Nice job!


Correction from last weeks results:

Island Lake of Novi – – Sun., July 31st (results at

1.                  Susan Gutowski 3rd of 13

2.                  Ken Gutowski 4th Overall Male!

3.                  Kim Rattet 5th of 15

4.                  Anne Marie Phillips 1st Overall Female!

5.                  John Crum 18th of 25

6.                  Keith Erickson 1st of 12

7.                  Olivier Lecerf 3rd of 13

8.                  Katy Michalski 14th of 15

9.                  Dan Michalski 29th of 29

10.              Cecilia Brzys 1st of 2

11.              Dawn Rej 2nd of 2

12.              Tracy Durham 3rd of 9 (1st triathlon!)

13.              Shanna Gustafson 1st of 11

14.              Gary Feiten 16th of 29 (1st triathlon!)

15.              Chris Luke 8th of 25

16.              Kevin McGuirk 8th of 29

17.              Caroline Mowers 4th of 9

18.              Therese Novell 1st of 15

19.              Jackie Roehl 13th of 13

They earned FAST 69.7 points!  Turns out Gary Feiten is a USAT member, so that got us more points!


If I missed your results/anything please e-mail me asap at  If you were in a relay, please send me your relay name.


***FAST is still in 2nd place in Division I of MERCRS (thru the weekend of 7/31/11= thru Island Lake of Novi).  Circle City Multisport is still in 1st and Team Toledo is still in 3rd.  For standings go to:

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