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FAST at the Races 11/22/10

Congratulations to the following FAST members who completed Ironman Arizona

Jon Logan
Kelley Mullins (First Ironman!)
Sandy Logan

Way to go FAST!!! Great job!!!



Membership Meeting 2011

Hello FAST Members,
Just a few quick reminders:
The FAST General Membership meeting will be held December 11th at 9am, in room 100 and 105 of the Schoolcraft College Physical Education meeting.  (Following swim practice.)
  • Confirmation of Nominations  and Elections of 2011 officers will take place at this meeting.
  • Please email any nominations for these or any of the positions to the, head of the elections process.

FAST Membership for 2011 is open now on

FAST Annual Awards Banquet
  • Save the date: January 22nd, 2011
  • Nominations are being accepted for:
    • Member of the Year
    • Swimmers of the Year (Male and Female)
    • Triathletes of the Year (Male and Female)
    • Rookie of the Year (Male and Female)
I hope to see all of you on Saturday at the meeting.
Cheryl J. Machovec Dehn 
President - FAST (Ford Athletic Swim and Triathlon Club)

FAST at the Races 8/23/10

Here is a long overdue (and long update) for our August FAST races. I'm
sorry I have missed a few weeks. As everyone is winding training down for
the summer or starting to taper for that big race, I am ramping up my
training and time is getting away from me. Whose idea was it to do a
November race anyway? Oh, I think that was my idea.

I will surely miss more people with so much to catch up on. As always, I
apologize. If you aren't on the race list or don't send me an e-mail post
race then I may miss you as it will be difficult to look up race results for
so many races (but I'll try!) Thanks to the FAST members who have sent me
updates of FAST members they have spotted at the races.

August 8, Sylvania Sprint Triathlon, Sylvania, OH:
Rob Rudnick

August 8, Sylvania Olympic Triathlon, Sylvania, OH:
Bob Ranta--1st place AG -100th tri
Cecilia Bryzs-2nd place AG!
Jane Sanders-2nd place AG!
Ken Gutowski-1st place AG!
Susan Gutowski-1st place AG!
Anne Marie Phillips-2nd place AG!
Karen Rosinski - 4th place AG!
Yoshiko Tischler-4th place AG!
Jaret Johnson
James Pihiou
Tara McGill-3rd place AG!
Darin McGill
Shanna Gustafson

August 8, Lansing Legislator Olympic:
Devid Dehn - 1st place AG!

August 8, Pontiac Lake MTB XC Race:
Sandy Lonan - 1st Place AG!

August 15, Vermillion Harbour Olympic Triathlon:
Gary Godula - 2nd Place AG!
Debbie Ketner (1st Olympic Distance race, 4th place AG!)

August 15, Battle of Waterloo (triathlon?? sort of - 10 legs, 42 miles, run,
bike, swim, run, swim, run, swim, run, bike, run)
Jaret Johnson - 1st Place Masters, 7th Place overall
Jon Logan - 1st Place AG!
Sandy Logan - 4th Place AG (but she went a lot farther than everyone else)
Carol Feldmann - 2nd Place AG

August 15, FAST Island Lake of Novi 1.5 Mile Open Water Swim:
Kentaro Hirato - 3rd Place AG!
Jake Sweetland - 5th place AG( (only 11 years old)
Maria Gutowski - 2nd place AG (only 14 years old)
Krista Kunkel
Lana Krolikowski
Jim Pogue - 2nd place AG!
Mary Keener - 1st place AG!
Julie Pierce

August 15, FAST Island Lake of Novi Sprint Triathlon:
Anne Marie Phillips - Overall Female Winner!
Jacob Longton - 1st place AG (and I think first triathlon?)
Brad Brown - 3rd place AG!
Erika Thompson - 2nd place AG!
Rob Butts
Ken Gutowski - 2nd place AG!
Susan Gutowski - 1st place AG!
Cecilia Brzys - 1st place AG!
Jerry Sweetland - 2nd place AG!
Jenny Kyriakopolous - 2nd place AG!
Kelly Erikson - 3rd place in AG!

August 17:
Not a race, but deserving special recognition:
Jenny Birmelin swam 14.21 miles across Lake St. Clair in 8:40
Read about it at

August 18: T-Rex Triathlon
Kevin McGuirck
John Fallu
Jim Pihiou
Jerry Sweetland
Gary Godula - 2nd place AG!
Alan Clemens
Tim Fitzpatrick
Richard Bazzy - 4th place AG!
Lana Krolikowski
Adrienne O'Day - 2nd place AG!
Anne Marie Phillips - 1st place AG!
Debbie Ketner
Jane Sanders - 1st place AG!
Keith Erickson (PR)

August 22 - Swim to the Moon 5k Open Water Swim
Team FAST came in 2nd place in the team division
Since I was there you would think I could remember all the AG awards, but I
can't and they aren't posted so I'll at least tell you who got awards, but
I'm not sure of the places (sory - short memory!)

Jenny Bermilin - 3rd in AG
Karen Rosinski - 3rd in AG
Carol Feldmann
Adrienne O'Day
Lana Krolikowski
Shane Brezee
Mike Muma - AG award
Jim Willy
Mia Byrne
Gary Godula
Keith Erickson - AG award
Yoshiko Tischler
Jenny Kyriakopoulos - 2nd in AG
Shanna Gustafson
Jerry Sweetland
Dawn Polk
Cary Severt - 2nd in AG

August 22, Island Lake Olympic Triathlon
Amy Christena - 1st place AG!
Mary Keener - Overall female Masters winner
Erika Thompson - 2nd place AG!

August 22 Island Lake Sprint Triathlon
Cecilia Brzys - 1st place AG!
Brent Christensen - 2nd place AG!
Kira Collins (1st Triathlon!)

August 22 - Ludington Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon
Cheryl Machovec Dehn

August 22 - Ludington Lighthouse Olympic Triathlon
David Dehn - 1st place AG!

Up next weekend:
Crim Festival of Races
Ironman Canada
Ironman Louisville
Breakwater 70.3
Autumn Colors Triathon


Mia VP of Triathlon

Last Updated on Monday, 23 August 2010 07:46

FAST at the Races 8/4/10

Another week and a lot more hardware for FAST racers! Here are the results
to the best of my investigative reporter skills, and special thanks to Lana
for her contribution. As always, I apologize for missing anyone, but if I
don't know you raced, I won't always find you. Drop me an e-mail and I
won't forget you next time. If you spot other FAST members at your race,
let me know about them.

*Steelhead 70.3, July 31, Benton Harbor:*

Staci Johnson (first Half Iron distance race!)
David Grant (Huge PR!!)
Amy Christena
Brad Brown
Amy Gluck (1st in AG and (I think) 6th overall female (results are a pain to
Jim Averill
Charlie Christ
Gary Godula
Shaina Johnson
Lumberman Olympic Tri, July 31, Cadillac:*

Ann Ray (1st in AG!)
Carol Morrissey (1st in AG!)

*Harbor Springs Coastal Crawl OWS, August 1:*

1 Mile
Noah Birmelin
Mike Etienne (1st in AG)

2 Mile
Lana K (1st in AG)
Melissa K (1st in AG)

3 Mile
Jenny Birmelin (1st in AG)
Wendy Sanders (2nd in AG)
Karen Rosinski (2nd in AG)
Cary Severt
George Halow (1st in AG)
Pete Simon (3rd in AG)
Women's Only Triathlon, Sylvania, OH August 1:*

Kelley Clark

Great job to all racers!

Up this weekend:

Sylvania Sprint and Olympic Tri/Du
Lansing Legislator Sprint and Olympic Tri/Du

VP Tri

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 10:49

State Meet Wrap-up

FAST captured the Women's Large Team Masters Swimming State Championship April 16-18 at the Haslett HS Natatorium. Twenty-nine FAST women scored a combined 1,169 points, finishing just ahead of the Lansing/Grand Rapids squad. This was the 3rd womens victory in three years.

FASTs 36 men finished 3rd, behind the first place Lansing/Grand Rapids team and the Battle Creek YMCA. Battle Creek had 30 men, and seven were over 80 years old (and they have 95-yr-old Donald Pope).

FAST swimmers collected SEVEN High Point Award plaques. Award winners by age group included: Wendy Sanders & Jenny Birmelin (tying with 61 points in 30-34 age group), Kirsten Trub-Sheikh (61 pts, 35-39 age group), Mary Dehn (60 points, 60-64 age group), Matt Perry (55 points, 18-24 age group), Jim Pogue (63 points, 45-49 age group), and in another tie, Erik Lokensgard (61 points, tied Lansing's Joe Buys in the 65-69 age group)

The FAST "Unleash the Beast" squad featured several athletes who were participating in their first swim meet ever. Many went home with their first ribbons and medals--but all left with bragging rights and recruitment jobs for next year!

The Doughboy team won the Small Team men and combined titles. Milford Athletic Club swam away with the Small Team women's title.

Awesome weekend, swimmers! Results will be posted online at hopefully later this week.

See you at Schoolcraft/Charley's and in the open water!

VP Swimming, FAST

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 10:45
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