2012 Membership Registration Now Open

Fast Members,

The 2012 FAST Membership Registration is now OPEN on active.com.  Please use the link provided for quick access to our sign-in page.  http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=2002641

Also,  you will notice a change in our registration fees for the upcoming year.  At this year’s annual meeting the majority of the club voted to raise the memberships dues for 2012 to $30 for a single membership and $50 for a family membership.  However, we don’t want to discourage past members from signing up for the new year so we have added another membership category that is based on volunteering at major FAST events throughout the year.   The volunteer membership allows you to pay the same membership fee as the past year, $20 for a single membership and $35 for a family membership.  If you decide to sign up for the volunteer membership you will need to select a volunteer category during your registration.  Also, if you sign up as a volunteer family member, both adults must individually volunteer to receive the volunteer membership.   If you have any additional questions about the 2012 membership please feel free to contact me at sec@swimfasttrifast.com.  Thank you and we are looking forward to another great year at FAST!!!


Crista Kunkel

2012 FAST Secretary