Those Itching to get their Tri Top

The Tri Tops are in for those that were lucky enough to make the cutoff, and took the risk of getting the discounted Tri-Top with their membership without seeing the final design.

Ken has them at his house and unfortunately for those that want them soon he will be away and not able to deliver them until May.

If you can get to my house tomorrow from 6 pm to 9 pm; or delegate someone else pick it up for you they will be available.  If you are sending someone to pick it up from my Northville house then send me an email indicating it is ok to give the top to the person.   Also email me if you need my address as I do not want to post it here.


Forum Section – Use It Like Yahoo Groups

We can use the forum section within this website similar to yahoo groups.  If you remember in yahoo groups some members posted when they planned to do a workout and looking for others to join them.

The forum works the same way.

1. You have to log into the website as a user to get to the forum

2. The forum allows you to get replies from others when you post, but does not publish all items to users when a new topic is posted.  You need to join that topic before you get updates .  I will start a general forum called ad-hoc workouts and we can build on that throughout the year.

Please remember that not all members are Facebook users nor it is pushed to everyone the same way so don’t rely on that process to reach all members.

Club Calendar on the Homepage

Thanks to Katy in resolving the issue with the club calendar not showing up on the FAST homepage.  It was there a few weeks ago but it disappeared without notice.  We have been working hard to keep it up to date so members are not confused if there is or is not a workout or an event.  Please use it and if you see something that needs attention please let us know.

Please accept our apologies if this has caused concern.

We are in the process if resolving the swim with FAST links as they have gone south recently too.



Weekly Emails

Much of our member news is transmitted via weekly emails.  If you are not getting them it could be one of a few items:

1. You are not a 2015 member

2. The email is going to spam or promotions

3. You gave us an email you never check


Looking for any last call nominations for a member of the month award!

FAST Warm-up and Hoodie Order Form is Here

Deck fun

Reminder, the order Deadline is February 9th!!!

Now is the time to order your FAST Warm-ups and Hoodies.  The order window is now, until February 9th.  Orders forms must be given to or mailed to Cheryl Dehn, with Cash or Check payment.

Gear will be delivered in time for the 2015 State Swim Meet!

FASTorderform 2015

(This order is separate from the Technical Gear Order which will be coming soon.  Stay tuned.)

Look Great, Go FAST!

Swim Gear! FAST Gear! Perfect Holiday Gift!

Looking for FAST shopping this holiday season?
FAST members looking to purchase swim related gifts this holiday season are encouraged to purchase those items from our portal on our website. FAST receives 10% cash back for all purchases.
Looking for other FAST gear? Visit our FAST team store on our website.  The FAST CODE for website is “FAST30.”