Detroit Expo Booth


We distributed at least 400-500 FAST brochures at the Detroit Metro Expo.  We raffled off prizes.  Thanks to those that signed up and showed up at the event; everyone’s perspective was appreciated as we had a diverse set of members.

Some even did double duty!  If you feel so inclined please post a comment here to thank them.

Brian McCasey
Curt Penland
Antonio Figueroa
Rob Rudnick
Susan Gutowski
Erik Husken
Dawn King
David Ooms
Olivier Lecerf
Jane Sanders
Debbie Ketner
Paul Wright
PS – Ann Ray did sign up but called in sick; please get well Ann.


Tour de Giro

One person asked about the cost….see prior posting about winter rides.   Cost for 6 months is $49.99 which would get you through the spring with the extra 45 days….

Saturday Swims


FAST’s primary swimming session is at Schoolcraft college this Saturday.  On deck coaching will be Jenny this week.  $5 at the door or if you paid for the full session you are already in.  Swimming starts at 7 am.

FAST alternate swim location for those members of Livonia Rec Center on 5 Mile – 6:45 am in the water.  In water workout leader is Ken Gutowski.  Post workout bring gym clothes for stretching and mild weight workout.  If not, enjoy the hot tub.

Post both swims the members meet at The Senate Restaurant at 8:45 am for post workout breakfast.  The Senate is located on Haggerty between 5 mile road and 6 mile road.

Ironman Group


Some of the people that I have been in communications with have been tossing around a group Ironman race.  One possibility is go to Chattanooga (Ironman brand – Sept 2015), others are thinking Atlantic City (Family Challenge series – June 2015), others are considering Cedar Point (Rev3 now Family Challenge – Sept 2015).  While others have already made their commitment to their races as the Ironman branded races tend to fill up fast.  If you are considering Chattanooga then you should watch for it opening up next Monday or so.  (If it doesn’t sell out on-site first).

Whatever your selection for those that must do the full triathlon rest assured we will try to get FAST presence at that race site in 2015.

Add a comment here if you wish to voice your opinion!