New Idea – Who Might Support This?


The Detroit Marathon will have it’s package pick-up October (see below for specifics).  Should we rent a table for $500 and have a few members there recruiting for membership?  We would be exposed to over 50k people!  We could even promote our local triathlon if we feel we will have it in 2015.

We would need people to volunteer to be there, represent the club, wear a club T-shirt and bring brochures and fliers.  Who might want to do this?  Please post a response on FB or here on the web!  We would want you name and the date and time you could support.


Friday, October 17 – 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Saturday, October 18 – 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


The Health & Fitness Expo is home to Runner Packet Pick-Up, where all 30,000+ runners will go to gather race day essentials including their Runner Goodie Bag, bib number, timing device and event t-shirt. Show off the newest designs in running footwear, apparel and technology, as well as the latest developments in sports, fitness and nutrition.

  • 50,000 people visit/walk the show

Saturday Swims


FAST’s primary swimming session is at Schoolcraft college this Saturday.  On deck coaching will be Jenny this week.  $5 at the door or if you paid for the full session you are already in.  Swimming starts at 7 am.

FAST alternate swim location for those members of Livonia Rec Center on 5 Mile – 6:45 am in the water.  In water workout leader is Ken Gutowski.  Post workout bring gym clothes for stretching and mild weight workout.  If not, enjoy the hot tub.

Post both swims the members meet at The Senate Restaurant at 8:45 am for post workout breakfast.  The Senate is located on Haggerty between 5 mile road and 6 mile road.

Ironman Group


Some of the people that I have been in communications with have been tossing around a group Ironman race.  One possibility is go to Chattanooga (Ironman brand – Sept 2015), others are thinking Atlantic City (Family Challenge series – June 2015), others are considering Cedar Point (Rev3 now Family Challenge – Sept 2015).  While others have already made their commitment to their races as the Ironman branded races tend to fill up fast.  If you are considering Chattanooga then you should watch for it opening up next Monday or so.  (If it doesn’t sell out on-site first).

Whatever your selection for those that must do the full triathlon rest assured we will try to get FAST presence at that race site in 2015.

Add a comment here if you wish to voice your opinion!

Club Fund Raiser – Opportunity for you to save big bucks


The club is selling 2015 Entertainment books once again this year.  This year it is better than prior years.  The old company went out of business and the original owner took it over.  He has created the same excitement that the original book brought.  Yes the price is more but it has over 40 restaurants in the $40-$50 savings and these are great places to eat.    The premier dinning experience includes places like: Andiamo, Fiamma Grille, La Bistecca, Louis’ Chop House, Novi Chophouse, Roma Cafe (Detroit), Sweet Lorraine’s, The Melting Pot, The Hill Seafood & Chop House, Crave Restaurant (Dearborn), 24 Grille,…..

We sell them for $35 and it includes the premier dining collection book, the standard thick book you have come to love, a mobile app, and on-line coupons.

Send a note to Ken Gutowski if you want to see or purchase one.  We have limited quantities and they might go FAST.  (pun intended)

First Father and Son Club Members Complete an Ironman Triathlon

Curt and Alec complete Cedar Point Ironman Triathlon

The photo is of Curt Penland with his 17 year old son, Alec.  Alec finished his first full iron distance triathlon this year and Curt said “I am so proud of him”.  As Alec was receiving his first place age group award from Rev3, they said there are not many high school students that want to take on a full iron distance race.  Alec will be graduating from Carlson High School in Gibraltar in the Spring of 2015 and will be attending Michigan State University starting in the Fall 2015  semester, majoring in finance.  Alec is already on the MSU Triathlon mailing list and will be ordering a MSU Triathlon uniform in November.  Go Green

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Welcome Monday

Looking to post something new for 2 reasons: 1) To see who is getting emails pushed to them as many just registered their email with this site the last few days and 2) Looking to see who might want an extra shirt to toss during a future half or full marathon race.  FAST has some older shirts which are Island Lake of Novi racer shirts.  FAST will depart with them for $3.  The $3 goes back to the FAST kitty to offset any of our operating expenses.  These shirts are high tech material so they are perfect for such an event as they will breath and not get you hot too soon.   Contact Ken Gutowski, if you want some so arrangements can be made.