FAST clock face for Garmin watches


Are you looking to be cool and show your club colors on your Garmin watch?  Well here it is.  Go to this link and download it to your computer.  Plug in your Garmin into your computer via the provided USB cable.  Go to the file explorer and send the file to Garmin/Apps.  Then go to your watch and go to settings, system and then clock, and select the FAST name as the watch face.

Swim Groups this time of the year

FAST Logo Small

Indoor Swim Season is Upon Us!

We have a few regular swim groups this time of the year and we want to publish more.  Send an email to if you want to get a group started at your pool.  We will need your pool/facility name and location, the days of the week and time of the day you typically swim, can you accommodate beginners, intermediate, and/or advanced swimmers, and your name:

Currently we have these swims:


Farmington YMCA (Farmington Road just north of 12 mile road): You need to be a YMCA member: MWF 5:30 am to 6:30 am.  Someone calls out a set and if you can’t swim that distance during that send off time you are free to modify it so you still swim as a group.  Normal group is about 8 swimmers.  Other groups also swim Tues/Thurs nights (need time).

Livonia Recreation Center: You need to be a Livonia Rec Center member or pay at the door guest (not cheap): MW 5:30 am to 6:30 am (note 5:30 in the water – building opens at 5 am).  Someone brings a printed workout with 3 different levels of difficulty.  Swim what you can, modify as necessary.  Normally we take the middle 4 lanes and have about 8-14 swimmers.  Other groups swim Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 am to 6:30 am but they shout out the sets.



Livonia Schoolcraft: $5 at the door or pre-pay package for all swims.  7 am to 8:30 am.  6 Lanes with 6 different workouts/abilities.  Normally 25 – 35 swimmers per session.

Livonia Recreation Center: You need to be a Livonia Rec Center member or pay at the door guest (not cheap).  6:35 to 6:40 am in the water and warm up until 6:50 am.  Swim until 8 am.  Printed workouts provided but you can modify difficulty up or down.  Post swim either dry land stretching and strength training or hot tub chats.

After both Weekend swims – breakfast social at Charley’s at 6 mile and Haggerty roads.


Jon Logan Memorial Triathlon/OWS Pictures

The 2015 edition of the Jon Logan Memorial Triathlon/OWS is in the books.  However, there were great memories and those have been captured and saved.   Thanks to Carol!

View them here.

This is not your typical photo collection of your racing where you have to pay for them. Feel free to download and brag about them at work.  Maybe next year your coworker will join you at this race.

Club Questionnaire – Problems?

Please comment to this posting if you are having trouble taking the club on-line survey.  I have only heard from one person who had issues.  I made a slight change to the survey permissions to see if this resolves that one issue.

Comment to this only if you tried and cannot take the survey if you have tried since August 10th at noon when the update was made.

Summer Ending Club Blitz of Events

Pay attention to the next weekly email.  It will have the next 4 week club calendar posted.  It will have a few swim sessions for stroke analysis, some long bike rides, a bike N burger event, some run events, a picnic #2, even a free Super Sprint Triathlon Training Event.  Don’t just toss it to the junk folder.  Read it!  Also volunteer to help on any one of these.